About Vincent Chhabra

Vincent Chhabra

Vincent Chhabra is from Columbus, Ohio and now resides in sunny South Florida, where he divides his time between his companies, his philanthropic endeavors, and his family.

Not only is Vincent lauded for his business and entrepreneurial practices, but he is also recognized for his work on the philanthropic front. As an avid philanthropist, Vincent seeks to lend not only a helping hand, but also significant funds in order help those in need live overall better lives. Following the catastrophic events of September 11th, 2001, Vincent donated $250,000 to the American Red Cross to aid in disaster relief efforts and assisting those affected by the terrorist attack. Vincent believes that in order to truly aid those who need it most, he must be actively and continuously involved in philanthropic endeavors. By donating his time and resources to charitable organizations, Vincent is helping to ensure a better future.

By setting an example now, he hopes to inspire others to donate now as well. There is no reason to put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today, and Vincent’s charitable generosity reflects this fact.

Aside from his philanthropic contributions to the Red Cross, Vincent has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars toward improving the accessibility of good education for America’s youth in underprivileged communities. Vincent’s ardor for improving education in this country stems from his belief that knowledge is the gateway to a happier and more fruitful future. His personal mission is to “make money by doing good in the world.”