Silicon Valley Leaps Into Action

Big corporate disruptors have recently been increasing their intentions for giving to those less fortunate through a number of philanthropic mediums. One cause that is in dire need of support, and beginning to receive it from Silicon Valley is the migrant and refugee movement in the middle east. Google and Apple have both lead the charge in supporting these people in need in big ways.images

A few weeks ago, when the news of the migrant struggle had still been sinking in, Google raised $11 million in donations to support the effort. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple also joined the charitable ranks by sending out a message to his company that they will be making “substantial donation(s)” to the cause. They also offered to match every dollar from an employee, with two more from the company.

This type of migration has not occurred since World War Two and Europe has been struggling to handle the influx of those in need. With the U.S. government starting to increase their number of accepted, corporate and individual philanthropists are trying to help out in any way they can.

The evidence of the philanthropic nature within modern day corporate America is evident from the quickness to address dire situations. In Silicon Valley particularly, a number of donors contribute to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. This group reports that the 50 most generous donors increased their contribution by 33% last year! Helping others is, indeed becoming a contagious trend among those who can make an impact.

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