Fundraise the Right Way

Fundraise the Right Way, Vincent Chhabra

Nonprofits are nearly always strapped for capital and pressed for time. Yet, despite dwindling resources and increasing stress, they must find time to improve donor contributions and raise awareness. Enter fundraising. Not only is it necessary, but it is an inherent aspect of philanthropy. Yet, regardless of the vital significance of fundraising, many charities fail […]

Staying Motivated: Maintaining Positivity and Passion

I recently came across this wonderful article about how to stay motivated in the charity sector. With seemingly endless piles of paper and the constant pressure of budgetary stress, it can be easy to succumb to a skeptical attitude. Yet, negativity accomplishes nothing, aside from making things harder, anyway. Check out the piece here!

How to Avoid Scandal in the Wake of Grief

Vincent Chhabra, Charity, Scandal

In today’s day and age of internet visibility, scams are all too commonplace, even more so in regards to charities. By taking advantage of good intentions and altruistic actions, thieving organizations are able to capitalize on the misfortune and disability of others. It is for this reason that it is of the utmost significance to […]

Coaching Charity to Success

Vincent Chhabra, Coach, Charity

While the benefits of philanthropy are widely documented and well known, that does not change the fact that there are many intangible, unquantifiable benefits as well. Perhaps the most significant of these intangibles is the idea of “coaching” within the charity sector. Yet, what even is coaching? Isn’t coaching the same thing as managing? Well, […]

The Growing Importance of Corporate Philanthropy

The Growing Importance of Corporate Philanthropy by Vincent Chhabra

Consumers expectations of companies are rapidly changing. Buyers are no longer interested in investing in just a product. They want to believe in the company itself and feel good about what their money is supporting. With the internet providing access to so much information, and consequently so many options, what sets one company apart from the others is not […]

Microsoft’s Big Contribution: Cloud Services for Nonprofits and Researchers

Microsoft's Big Contribution: Cloud Services for Nonprofits and Researchers by Vincent Chhabra

Microsoft recently announced its plan to donate $1 billion in cloud services to nonprofit organizations and university researchers over the next three years. Specifically, Microsoft plans to give away cloud services to roughly 70,000 nonprofits in the next three years. They also plan to expand an existing program that donates Azure storage and other computing resources […]

Silicon Valley Leaps Into Action

Big corporate disruptors have recently been increasing their intentions for giving to those less fortunate through a number of philanthropic mediums. One cause that is in dire need of support, and beginning to receive it from Silicon Valley is the migrant and refugee movement in the middle east. Google and Apple have both lead the […]